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Fry Guy (minor) Gaming Alive!

2017-09-11 18:35:42 by h2oOtter

Mutant Fry Guy (minor) - 3d Animation and Game Trailerh2oOtterVimeo

Like fries... alive?! In this short no eat fries game trailer you're dinner (yum-yum)!


Meow (for her long lost lover Spidey).

#%^!& (that's #$^ life)

2017-03-22 13:59:39 by h2oOtter

Me dear, hugging Mom died (less than 4 months from hospital (hope the effin' gereatric docs show more compassion, and stop using Black-box anti-psychotic drugs on seniors, and kids shit).

So, call it vengeance (Imma still kinda mad, but patient), I'm hoping to release a anti-hospital dementia game idea sometime in the unknown future fuck!



Yepper, after visiting our local emergency, for my dear dementia Mom who had right eye/forehead shingles, my brother and I were told about 1&1/2 weeks later that the hospital was keeping our Mum (I tried to fight it, especially after her right hand (back) was suddenly deeply bruised, to no luck).  It was hard, but life goes on (there's really no fighting the hospital; unless you're rich). 

So, a personal trainer I'm wanting to do (lotsa sympathy for those folks trying so hard in life), with freaky huh toons and gamings ramping and roaring.



ABS "Open Round Virus attacks Animators" fun

2016-10-05 11:24:04 by h2oOtter

My main character (including my little 2d game dude) for my 1st ABS tooning round (CPU virus affects animators and more hah) at http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/game-alive.



So, as promised (I've been busy looking to animation gigs; to help out at home), I'm planning to release my part 5 video this week (or early next week; thanks "Cake War" for the idea hah).  Part 4 mascot sci-fi/horror tale will follow.  

Enjoyed much each any every round thanks!

NATA 2012 "Open Round" entry

2012-05-12 11:22:25 by h2oOtter

Uff, ugh, aaaah... See my action wha- superhero fanatics here

Wish me luck (I need it; many great entries).
On another note, if you wanna pound, hack, saw, machinegun/pistol/shotgun uberkid's into la-la land (or just need a break from NATA 2012 tooning) have some serious Pico, Nene, & Darnell fun in Uberkids Invasion (if I NATA 2012 advance I'll be trying to create mini games in-between).

NATA 2012 Open Round

2012-04-24 11:34:33 by h2oOtter

Whoa, NATA 2012 has landed... I'm there (I think). Wish me luck in this unmediated open round... Oh the hilarities (character screenshots below offer some hero oddities... all fer time travel man!). Now back to work!:)

NATA 2012 Open Round

Happy Pico 2011 and Happy birthday Tom (now go eat some cake... some for all at NG?).

Enjoy Pico and wanna see more, see crazy Darnell in "Darnell Unplugged (pt. 1)" here.

Better Man or the Other Guy: 2011 NHL

2011-03-26 13:42:32 by h2oOtter

My little rant against Gary Bettman, and the NHL, for not disciplining Zdeno Chara (Boston Bruins) for his ugh (high speed, left hook into vertical beam) hit on Max Pacioretty (Montreal Canadiens); alongside a side mention of recent hockey incidents (thankfully these players were punished).

To Stanley and what hockey's all about: fast, fun, and a fighting frenzy. Keep the big-wig profiteers out (NHL, Bettman, owners, and more) and let's play hockey!

Now if I could only rap 'n skate... :)